Keith Keller


Fall 2023

The Business and Economics Department, Allegheny College

ECON 202-01: Economic Statistics

  • Class Time: M/W/F, 01:30pm-02:20pm
  • Classroom: Quigley Hall 217

ECON 202-02: Economic Statistics

  • Class Time: M/W/F, 02:30pm-03:20pm
  • Classroom: Quigley Hall 217

Department of Computer Science, Allegheny College

CMPSC-305: Database Systems

  • Class Time: T/Th 9:30am10:45am; Th 2:30pm-4:20pm
  • Classroom: Alden Hall 101

Teaching Fellow

Fall 2015

Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Boston University

MA120-Section B1: Applied Mathematics for Social and Management Sciences

  • Attended lectures, corresponded with students about their questions and concerns, and held office hours.
  • Taught and led discussion sections for the course.